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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Angie Hamilton
Angie Hamilton Principal
Photo of Doug Pinkal
Doug Pinkal Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Peggy Bawden
Peggy Bawden Administrative Assistant
Photo of Marsha Bowers
Marsha Bowers Office Assistant
Photo of Tiffaney Kenison
Tiffaney Kenison Office Assistant

Custodial Staff

Photo of Ray Howe
Ray Howe Night Custodian Supervisor
Photo of Kendra Ludwig
Kendra Ludwig Head Custodian


Photo of Nancy Belcher
Nancy Belcher
Photo of Kristi Taylor
Kristi Taylor

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Academic Communication

Photo of Elise Adams
Elise Adams ASCS 3rd-4th Assistant
Photo of Taylor Buckner
Taylor Buckner ASCS 5th-6th Assistant
Photo of Ayrista Burton
Photo of Nevaeh Chavez
Nevaeh Chavez ACSC K-2nd ASSISTANT
Photo of Darinka Cooper
Darinka Cooper ACSC 5th-6th Teacher
Photo of Natalie Evans
Natalie Evans ACSC K-2nd Teacher
Photo of Krysta Heidt
Krysta Heidt ASCS 5th-6th Assistant
Photo of Molly Henderson
Molly Henderson ACSC 3rd-4th Assistant
Photo of Sara Henderson
Sara Henderson ASCS 5th-6th Assistant
Photo of Brittain Johnson
Brittain Johnson ASCS ASSISTANT
Photo of Vannessa Lowe
Vannessa Lowe ACSC K-2nd Assistant
Photo of Jenny McNees
Jenny McNees ACSC 3rd-4th Teacher
Photo of Jennifer Sorensen
Jennifer Sorensen ACSC K-2nd Assistant

Additional Faculty

Photo of Naomi Bawden
Naomi Bawden Beverly Taylor Sorenson Music Teacher
Photo of Jason Hart
Jason Hart Instructional Coach
Photo of Michelle Poteki

Support Staff

Photo of Cassen Gardner SLP
Cassen Gardner, SLP Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Wendy Gomez
Wendy Gomez Speech-Language Technician
Photo of Amanda Hehr BSN, RN
Amanda Hehr, BSN, RN School Nurse
Photo of Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White PSYCHOLOGIST

Lunch Room

Photo of Pamela Cornia
Pamela Cornia Nutrition Worker
Photo of Karen Dennis
Karen Dennis Nutrition Worker
Photo of Alicia McKendrick
Alicia McKendrick Lunch Manager
Photo of Elizabeth Merritt
Elizabeth Merritt Lunchroom Clerk
Photo of Jentry Piekarski
Jentry Piekarski Nutrition Worker
Photo of Morgen Rosenkrantz
Morgen Rosenkrantz Nutrition Worker


Photo of Lindsey Aspiazu
Lindsey Aspiazu Literacy
Photo of Maria Bingham
Maria Bingham Kindergarten
Photo of Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown Resource
Photo of Lindsey Chadwick
Lindsey Chadwick Intervention
Photo of Allana Christian
Allana Christian Literacy
Photo of Tracy Farley
Tracy Farley Kindergarten
Photo of Susan Gustafson
Susan Gustafson Library
Photo of Heather Hadfield
Heather Hadfield Classroom Assistant
Photo of Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis Library
Photo of Terra Lloyd
Terra Lloyd Copy Room | Playground
Photo of Jenny Martin
Jenny Martin STEM
Photo of Lee-ann Martin
Lee-ann Martin Resource
Photo of Carmen McHaley
Carmen McHaley Literacy
Photo of Alisa Neilsen
Alisa Neilsen Copy Room | Playground
Photo of Lara Smith
Lara Smith Website | Communications
Photo of Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor Literacy
Photo of Mindy Valdez
Mindy Valdez Literacy
Photo of Cindy Wiggins
Cindy Wiggins Resource
Photo of Alison Wilkins
Alison Wilkins Literacy
Photo of Micalene Willie