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School Plans | Summary | Annual Allocation

The School Community Council set three goals for the 2021-22 school year.

Goal 1: Provide a dynamic music program that students attend 30-40 minutes weekly under the direction of a certified teacher and in conjunction with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson grant program. A portion of the teacher salary is funded through a grant from the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Foundation. While not a full-time position, these funds allow us to support a program that provides weekly lessons for students.

Goal 2: Provide tier 2 intervention support to ensure growth for all students in Reading with an emphasis in the younger grades. We are implementing a phonics program called 95% Group designed to help fill any gaps in phonics understanding for young students. Land Trust funds provided the means to hire assistants to work directly with students.

Goal 3: Engage students in additional areas of study, such as STEM or Physical Education, while providing time for teachers to meet in Professional Learning Communities. (STEM is an acronym used to describe activities involving science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics.) We hired two PE assistants and two STEM assistants, each working 12 hours per week.