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Cassen B. Gardner | Speech Language Pathologist

My name is Ms. Cassen B. Gardner. I am tall, brave, and SO excited to be working with your children on their IEP speech goals this year! I have been a Speech Language Pathologist for over 15 years, and I absolutely LOVE what I get to see and do through my work in this field!

My philosophy for speech therapy is to provide functional practice opportunities for your students during their school day, and to share their learning of speech skills with you at home. With consistent practice, reinforcement, and feedback, correct patterns for speech are learned. 

I am a teacher because I love to learn. I can’t think of a subject I don’t want to know more about, and there’s not a better place to keep learning and growing than in a vibrant classroom. I can’t wait to welcome your children into my classroom, and to grow our speech skills together this year!