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Information for Online Students

Dear Parents and Students,

If you are registered for online courses, please read the following:

Welcome to Jordan School District K-6 Online Learning option for Fall 2020. We know you are eager to get started with your virtual classroom. We are excited as well. In an effort to keep students enrolled in their local school, adjustments in creating courses had to be made and have resulted in unanticipated challenges. A team has been working tirelessly to finalize the courses and update student rosters. We are making progress and expect that everything will be in place soon. We have asked teachers to reach out to parents as soon as their classes have been finalized. Thank you for your patience.

The following information may be helpful as you begin learning online:

  • Your child will remain enrolled in the local school and are still considered a student in the school. Your online teacher, however, may be from any of the District’s schools.
  • Communications, including Skylert messages, will be sent from the school.
  • We encourage the use of your own devices for online learning. If you are in need of a device, please check with your local school for availability.
  • Questions about checking out Chromebooks, accessing courses, changes to schedules, and most other questions will be directed back to the school where the student is enrolled.
  • Online teachers remain under the direction of the school administration where they are housed. Please communicate questions regarding the course to the teacher.
  • If your student receives special education services, including special education preschool, you will be contacted within the week by a case manager. If your student attends a special school you will be contacted by your assigned teacher or the school administrator.
  • Daily live instruction will be provided in reading, writing, math, and science. Students will receive instruction from their assigned teachers. Teachers will work as grade level teams to set a schedule to be used Monday through Friday.
  • Teachers will use Zoom or Google Meet to meet with students as a whole class, in small groups, or individually.
  • JSD Information Systems (IS) Help Desk will provide online technical assistance to help students login. Help Desk number - 801-567-8999.

During the first week of school, students and teachers should anticipate a focus on ensuring all students are able to access the course, understand what is expected of them, communicate with the teacher, review the disclosure, and begin work on assignments.