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Josh Sullivan | Assistant Principal

Choose one....

A) I was born in the late 20th century in the western United States. I graduated high school (allegedly), went to college, and then got a job. I now work at a job and live in a single family home. I drive a car and enjoy doing things that are fun. I have worked in schools for a certain amount of time.

B) I came to work in education after I was raised in the African Sergenghetti. My Father was trampled by wildebeest and I realized as I was older that it was my uncle Scar who threw him off a cliff. I was raised by my good friends Timone and Pumba. My good friend Rafiki always said "It doesn't matter, it's in the past", and from that I developed my educational philosophy  "Hakuna Mattata". I currently live in the area of Pride Rock, I've never liked Hyenas, and I enjoy hunting and sleeping.

C) I grew up in Utah, and have lived in different parts of Europe for several years. I speak French and have worked previously as a school social worker. I am a licensed therapist in addition to being an assistant principal. My wife and I both work in education, and several months ago we welcomed our son to our family! I'm into anything in the sports world, and love helping kids succeed in school, building the educational foundation that will enable them be successful and have a positive school experience.