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Lisa Freeman | Second Grade

I believe you should find something you like to do so you never have to work a day in your life. I have found that in teaching. It is a joy to go to a job where crayons and recess are a regular part of the day. Where blocks and markers are used for solidifying math concepts and students are given the opportunity to become leaders in their own education.

I will have to admit being a mother and grandmother has played a major part in my philosophy of teaching. Each day is a blessing and each child a treasure. Years have brought a deeper understanding of the necessity of working together as parents, students and teachers. There will be days when we succeed as a team and life is our oasis. And there will be days we fall short of our expectations and feel tomorrow is a long ways away. It is a combination of these times that bring about a well rounded education. One does not happen without the other. In my classroom each child is treated with respect and love. They are given the opportunity to be a leader in their own growth. What is required to succeed is presented up front and each child will be responsible for their growth. Goals are constantly made as each child evaluates how they can improve. When a child is given the opportunity to take charge, growth flourishes. 

I look forward to working with your child. Together we will make a greater tomorrow.