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Student Registration

It is time to complete the annual "Registration for School." At the beginning of each school year, you must log on to Skyward to review your information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, medical information, network acceptable use agreements (to use the computers at school), etc. Applications for free or reduced lunch are also found in the online registration information. Please log on NOW to complete your registration.

As soon as we have numbers from the district about students doing online school, we will post teacher assignments on Skyward. You will get an email/text from us letting you know that they are posted. 

We encourage you to visit the Skyward Family Access site often to check grades and lunch account balances. While visiting this site, please make sure your account information is accurate. Please update your phone numbers, email addresses, or emergency contacts if they change during the school year. If you have any questions, please call the school at 801-567-8950.

"Skylert" is an automated calling system. One of the services provided is the "Attendance Calling Notifications" if your student is absent. This call is sent out before 10:00 am. Skylert is also used to send general information messages and emergency messages to families using the phone numbers and email addresses on Skyward. It is crucial that your email address and phone numbers are correct in Skyward so you can receive these important messages.

Below you will find instructions for logging in to Skyward and step-by-step instructions for completing your Registration for School. If you do not know your Skyward Login and password, click on the "forgot my login" or "forgot my password" link, or call the school office at 801-567-8950.

Additional guardians will have their own login and password. If you desire to have a secondary guardian login and password, please call the school office. Please be aware that, although secondary guardians have Skyward access, only the primary guardian can complete the Registration for School.

Additionally, most versions of Chrome do not work well with Skyward. If you have difficulty, please try another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Patrons without computer access may use a computer located in the Antelope Canyon Office.

To log in to Skyward:

  1. Navigate to Skyward Family Access.
  2. After the Family Access page opens, enter your Login and Password in the appropriate boxes.
  3. Once logged into Family Access, you can view information for each of the students in your family independently, or all students at once. Use the links in the left pane to navigate to the various information screens where you can view and print student information.

To begin current Registration for School, click on the link in the left pane. Click on the blue link for the student you wish to verify registration for.

Be sure to check the "I have completed this step" box at the end of each step.

If you have more students to verify, you will need to go back to the Current Registration for School screen and choose the next student.